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This tool is flexible – you can specify the time and day when a site is blocked. If you’re implementing different blocks on sites during the workday, you can still browse those sites on the weekends. Every time you close a tab, the cookies pertaining to that website and tab are instantly deleted.

This is another example of performance at the price of privacy. The New Cookie Jar policy offers more protection, but it may also break the functionality of some websites. Ghacks has a discussion of the New Cookie Jar policy here. Before this data is sent to Google, you would first get a request by the site you are visiting. Therefore you do have control over this, even if geo remains enabled.

It can be used in combination with uBlock Origin, although there will be some overlap in terms of functionality. Query string parameters are stripped from URLs we check as part of the download protection feature. WebGL is a potential security risk, which is why it is best disabled by setting webgl.disabled to true.

🌍 Firefox Add

Mozilla has deployed this feature to speed up web pages that you might visit. However, it will use up resources and poses a risk to privacy.

Another benefit of Firefox’s free downlod site Content Blocking feature is that it can save your data and improve page load speeds. Firefox also has a guide on modifying your search engine preferences. See our guide on private search engines to dive into this topic more. Firefox now uses Google as the default search engine, but there are other private search engines you can use instead. Before you get going with Firefox you may want to adjust the following settings for better privacy.

  • If you want to manually update your add-ons, simply uncheck the appropriate box.
  • You can remove the plugin, which will uninstall it completely.
  • You can also disable a plugin, which will turn off the functionality, but keep it installed in Firefox.
  • On the right side, you’ll see all the currently installed plugins.

This preference was added in late 2017 as part of the Tor Uplift Project. Changing this preference to true will help to make Firefox more resistant to browser fingerprinting. Aside from Firefox, the WebRTC vulnerability also affects Chrome, Opera, Brave, and other Chromium-based browsers. To disable WebRTC in Firefox simply entermedia.peerconnection.enabled into the search bar and then double click the value to change it to false. These preferences will be listed in alphabetical order and are easily searchable from the search bar near the top.

Another issue with WebGL is that it can be used to fingerprint your device. Similar to prefetching DNS requests above, setting this preference to false will prevent pages from being prefetched by Firefox.

This allows you to modify the settings, create exceptions, or add sites to a whitelist. You can customize font and color themes, add your own quotes, integrate it with your favorite to-do app – like Todoist, Asana and Trello – so you stay up to date on everything you need to manage. It also supports further customization – you can add things like the weather or an autofocus mode, which pulls tasks into your daily focus, for a more personalized experience. LeechBlock is a tool designed to block time-wasting sites during the work day. You can choose which sites to block as well as when to block them.

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