ClaraMed Battery/USB powered Smart LED light source compatible with Olympus Endoscopes S3

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ClaraMedTM  Smart Portable LED Light Source compatible with Olympus endoscopes/light cables

Welcome and thank you for choosing our new ClaraMedTM  Smart Portable LED Light Source


The ClaraMedTM portable LED light source features double the light intensity than most portable light sources in the market.

Now it can be used safely in long surgeries without being worried about battery drainage, thanks to the available external USB power supply.

Micro USB power and charging slot makes it easy to charge any time any where with any USB chrging slot.

The micro USB slot is not only used for charging, but also for powering the light source, so you do not have to worry about battery drainage in long surgeries.

Unlike the mechanical button switch that ruins with time in most portable light sources in the market, the ClaraMedTM smart portable LED light source features a Smart switch button and controller with LED indicator which allows for light intensity control and also gives data about battery charge level and charging status.

Standard USB slot for using this light source as a power bank for emergency smartphone charging.

The included battery is a genuine PanasonicR  battery with a trusted capacity that lasts more than 3 hours “according to light intensity used” and long life span with more than 500 cycles of usage.

Dimming circuit for optimal operating light intensity control.

Smart circuit that stops charging when charging complete and stops the device when battery is almost empty, so attaining maximum battery protection with longer life span.

An accessory adapter for connecting Olympus endoscopes and also light cables with Olympus connection.

How to use:

1- First time charging:

-Upon first use, the battery should be fully charged as it is shipped with only 40% factory charge.

-To expose the USB charging slot, rotate the head of the light source counter clockwise.

-The LED indicator of the button switch turns red when charging is in progress and turns blue when charging is complete.

-Now you can disconnect the charger and start using the device.

2- Using the device:

- Connect the endoscope* or light cable** to the light source

-Press the power button.

    . The light will turn on with moderate intensity (this is the recommended intensity for most of examination and long surgeries).

-Press the power button again within 2 seconds>

    .The light will turn to maximum intensity ( this mode is ideal for short procedures that requires intense light - not to be used for more than 10 minutes).

-Pressing the power button after 2 seconds from turning on will turn off the device.

-When the device is on in any of the above modes, long press the power button with start the dimming feature. Leave the button to keep the desired light intensity.

-Rapid 2 press will turn strobe feature on (beta***).

-The LED indicator in the power button turns blue when battery is charged, red when it gets weak and flashes red when the battery is empty before the device turns off.

*For endoscopes with Storz adapter, please remove the adapter first, then connect the light source to the inner thread of the endoscope.

*For Olympus endoscopes, a special adapter should be connected (sold in S3 and S4 models)

**For connecting Storz or Olympus light cables, a special adapter should be connected (sold in S2 and S4 models for storz cable, and in S3 and S4 models for Olympus cable)

***under development feature.

Please note

1-This light source supports most of rigid and flexible endoscopes,, if you're not sure that your endoscope will work or not please contact us before you make the purchase.

2- The included battery is shipped with about 40% charge. Please, fully charge the battery before using it.

3- For longer battery life, please do not full charge or fully discharge the battery.

4- If the device is to be stored for a long time, please keep the battery in a partially charged state (about 50%) and do not store it when it is discharged.

Technical Data:


Model: S3

Color: Black

Material: Aluminium alloy

USB Output power: 5V 1A

Emitter BIN:  T6 up to 10 W

Number of Emitters: 1

Color BIN: neutral White (daylight)

Color temp.: Approx. 5700K

Working Voltage: 3--4.2 V

Life cycle of bulb: Approx.10000 h

Power Supply: 1 x 18650 Lithium Ion battery
 or direct USB

Battery brand: genuine Panasonic

Actual Lumens: up to 1000 lumens

Run time: 3-5 Hours (depending on light intensity used)

Number of Modes: one press to boot at moderate intensity – press again within 2 seconds gives maximum light - long press 2 seconds: 10%-100%. Quickly press the two times to enter strobe mode(beta) 

Switch Type: Smart touch switch with LED indicator

Dimensions: 13.5 cm x 2.6 cm 

Weight: 134 g with battery inside

Package contents:

1-ClaraMedTM portable LED light source (endoscope not included)

2-Accessory adapter for connecting Olympus endoscope and Olympus light cables.

3-Panasonic Lithium ion battery

4-USB cable

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