ClaraMed ultrabright Endoscope LED Light Source

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The new model of our LED portable light source provides Ultrabright illumination with sturdy design and low heating of the exterior of the device.

The high CRI index of the LED lamp provides daylight white illumination that gives the natural color of the tissues unlike other LED light source models with bluish white light!

The output illumination of the lamp is about 160000LUX in maximum light mode that gives sufficient light for most medical and surgical procedures.

Featuring two modes of light output gives flexibility, as using the low light mode by light pressing on the tail switch gives a little lower illumination but much longer battery life.

The included battery is genuine Panasonic NCR18650GA with 3450ma capacity that gives about 3 hours of continuous illumination and the battery stands over 500 cycles of use before starting to lose capacity.

Built in micro USB charging port and charging light indicator allows charging the battery with the supplied USB cable through any USB power outlet and avoids an external battery charger.

(please note that this model allows only charging the device using USB power but powering the device is only through the battery. For powering the device (turning the light on) using USB please refer to our higher "S1 model" in the following link:

The available endoscope connection for this model is for Storz endoscope connection types after removing the small Storz adapter from the endoscope first - please refer to product pictures.

Optional adapters for connecting this light source to Storz light cable connection and also for Olympus endoscopes and light cables are available.

Technical Data:

Brand: ClaraMed

Model: U1

Color: Black

Material: Aluminum alloy

Number of Emitters: 1

Color BIN: neutral White (daylight)

Color temperature: Approx. 5700K

Working Voltage: 3,2--4.2 V

Life cycle of bulb: Approx.10000 h

Power Supply: 1 x 18650 Lithium Ion battery

Battery brand: Genuine Panasonic NCR18650GA

Actual Lumens: up to 1000 lumens

Run time: about 3 hours (depending on light intensity used)

Charging light indicator: Red when charging - green when fully charged.

Number of Modes: two modes: Full press of  the tail switch turns on the light. Medium press switches between the 2 light modes.

Switch Type: Tail click switch

Package contents:

1-ClaraMed portable LED light source (endoscope not included)

2-Panasonic Lithium ion battery

3-USB cable

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