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Ergonom-X Class D self-developing film (instant-film) allows immediate diagnosis and prevents the dispersion of liquids. The chemicals are contained in a pocket on the reverse of the film - simply press on the pocket to begin the development process.

Ergonom-X is ideal in emergency situations (failure of RVG software, absence of the assistant, etc.) or simply to use a product that eliminates the need to equip a darkroom, to buy bottles of developing and fixing liquids or simply to save money on costs.

  • Excellent filing: 10 years of image shelf life after the development and fixing operation.
  • Class D.
  • More practical for retroalveolar radiographs thanks to the ergonomic shape that allows easier introduction into the oral cavity.
  • The self-developing endoral film makes it possible to obtain a perfectly developed and fixed image in just 50 seconds.
  • No waste of material and no chemical release on the hands or work area, following the instructions the film can be extracted without dispersion of liquids. 
  • The mono-bath is contained in a special flexible container produced with high specification barrier materials that guarantee a perfect preservation of the chemical properties.
  • Ergonom-X is compatible with 60 and 70 kV radiography devices.
  • Film dimensions: 30.5 x 40.5 mm.
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