NEW Model!! Smartphone endoscope coupler adapter

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Welcome and thank you for choosing our new ClaraMedTM  products.

Our products are specially designed for providing integrated portable endoscopy solutions with special attention to the small size, light weight and low price, so that its affordable and readily available in any place any time.

New Model features:

Improved design of the adapter for more stability of the endoscope and smartphone.

Now the arms supporting the endoscope are longer with rubber pads. This allows more security and stability in holding the endoscope.

Curved arms supporting the smartphone. Now its almost impossible to slip from the smartphone.

Improved quality of the material of the adapter.


The idea of the smartphone endoscope adapter is to allow using the endoscope in any place at any time.

This is achieved by the smartphone camera which is very close in quality to the professional endoscope cameras.

The advantage of this portable system is that its small in size, as the whole system could be carried in your handbag.

It is also very helpful in the teaching/learning process, recording, archiving and sharing the recorded endoscope images.

The low price of our system makes it available to all practicing doctors who use endoscopes in their daily practice.

The new smartphone endoscope adapter has the advantage of connecting to different smartphone models unlike the previous adapter which was compatible with only one smartphone model.

This allows upgrading your smartphone without being worried about changing the adapter.

How to use:

Connect the smartphone adapter with the smartphone and the endoscope.

We recommend "open camera" app for android phones and "eipro" app for iphone models. These apps allow manual focus control and more advanced camera control features.

A small circle of the endoscope image will appear on the screen and you will have to zoom in to fill the smartphone screen with the endoscope image.


- It should be avoided to hold the phone-endoscope system from only the light source, or from the phone – but you hold together supporting the endoscope and phone in the same time – this to avoid accidental slipping of the endoscope from the adapter and damage to the endoscope or smartphone, as in the pictures.

-  The quality of the produced image depends mainly on two factors: The diameter of the endoscope and the smartphone camera quality.

- It is possible to check the quality of the produced image before making the purchase, by placing the endoscope eyepiece in front of the center of your smartphone camera and check the quality using the apps mentioned above.

- Please do not use the built in android camera app because it doesn't provide white balance, exposure or focus control which might be deceiving that your smartphone is not compatible, but "open camera" app gives best results.

Package contents:

Smartphone endoscope adapter (endoscope not included)

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